• Supplies, installation, maintenance and repairs of freon and ammonia cooling systems.
  • Supplies, installation, maintenance and repairs of NF, UK, UL and UB cooling compressors, as well as CJ and BB block cooling units including installation. Supplies of reconditioned compressor machinery including installation or individual compressors and motors.
  • Supply of new or reconditioned CH 40 ammonia pumps including their installation, repairs or replacement.
  • Replacement of stop valves, back-pressure valves, level gauges, floaters, agitators, etc., including their repair and replacement and installation of safety valves.
  • Provision of new or reconditioned electrical motors including their installation, replacement of electric motor bearings, provision of new and reconditioned starters (both manual and contactor types of starter).
  • Provision of reconditioned air pumps made by ČKD Praha and ČKD Žandov and repair of air pumps made by ČKD Praha and ČKD Žandov.
  • Provision and installation of evaporative condensers.
  • Uninstalling machinery to be reconditioned or disposed of.
  • Supply of liquid ammonia in cisterns (1000 kg) and/or in bottles (40 kg).
  • Supply of compressor, motor, gearbox, and hydraulic MOBIL oils.
  • Provision of anti-freeze mixtures for cooling and air-conditioning systems.
  • Provision of all components and fittings for cooling systems (stop valves, flanges, agitators, corner filters, level gauges, back-pressure valves, deaerating devices, Mertik products, safety valves, backflow valves, water valves, slide valves, manifolds, bends, brackets, braces, thermometers, etc.).
  • Other kinds of assembly and supplies are based on mutual agreement.

     Mounting is carried out on the customer's site; it is also possible at this time for some types of repairs to be agreed upon. Spare parts shall be provided by the Customer.

Delivery terms
     After reaching an agreement with the customer, regarding needs, requirements and in an emergency (accident), work will be carried out within 24 hours of being notified.

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